Lokostrelstvo Lok Traja navzdol Lok Lov Recurve Premcu za desničarje Odraslih na Prostem Streljanje Praksi Lok 30-50Ibs

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€40.32 €28.63

Toparchery Recurve Premcu Za Lov Streljanje Lokostrelstvo Premca, Streljanje V Tarčo Zunanji Lok


Ime: Recurve Lok

Lok Dolžina: 152 cm

Lok Teža:1 kg


1 x Bow

Teža 1kgPoreklo CN(Izvora)draw teža 30-50IbsŠtevilka Modela 03HFHFQGLok Dolžine 152 cmIme Recurve Lok

Oznake: za lov, katapult fračo, arow, ptica na prostem, lok in puščice, lok tradicionalni dolgi, 12 g co2 adapter, magpul b, umarex, lok flip flop.

Saucedolez 2021-01-14

good but low quality box

Cripplemaaaq 2021-01-14

The bow looks fine, the inserts are not red, but rather dark brown, like an expensive tree in oil, there are small Kokki on the shoulders and on the handle, unfortunately now Dubak and do not check normally on the street, but the first impression is just great. In St. Petersburg for such a price something like this I did not find. The seller very quickly answers (well, with an amendment to the difference in time zones), answers questions, helps to pick up the goods, bought everything from him in the store and herds for the string and saddle, ruler, fur for shelf, arrows. I will wait for the weather and shoot while I stretch the elastic band I train my hand))

Dinarar 88 2021-01-14

beautiful objet but slightly damaged at opening

G Jenkins63 2021-01-07

Nice bow, more than try it.

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