Shake Pametno Polnjenje Dvojni Lok Windproof Lažji Osebnost Ustvarjalne Trendy Moški Elektronski Vžigalnik Vibrato

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€14.71 €7.65

Material KovineŠtevilka Modela 187Uporaba CigaretaPoreklo CN(Izvora)Slog Odporen na veter

Oznake: moški vžigalniki, pregnent, ego clearomizer, big vžigalniki razsutem stanju, kristalno lučka, vape, kanthal žice, innokin kit, mod vape, pudg.

Becca Lil Princess 2020-12-31

The parcel went for a long time-more than 40 days. The Courier put it right in the mailbox. Moskali, get to Ukraine!

Fabry 88 2021-01-19


Ritapodoprigora54 2021-01-23

The parcel arrived in a specified time frame, to order the seller put very cool and not cheap gift-Automatic pocket ashtray, thank you to the seller, for a nice surprise. The lighter is solid, completely made of metal, the body is fully covered with a thick layer of glossy varnish, I'm surprised that the prints almost do not remain on the Varnish this. Charges the lighter quickly and very powerful arc-fig blow out. Lit only with a raised lid from turning or shaking, when the lid is closed, the protection is triggered and the lighter will not light. The LED charge indicator allows you to monitor the level of battery charge-you will not stay without fire at the right time. Packed in a solid gift box + the seller put a postcard-booklet with information about the store. All these moments say that the seller is serious, responsible and customer oriented. Who thinks to buy-take it will not regret, the lighter is good, the seller is top, good sales to him. All good and successful purchases.

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