Latexanzug Splošno Obleko Zentai Catsuit iz Lateksa Gummi Hooded Rot/Black 0,4 mm S-XXL

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SKU: w11840

€121.68 €63.28

Barva: Rdeča s Črno

Velikost: S-XXL

Ko ste vzeli ta plašč, pustite sporočilo in nam povejte želeno velikost, tako da mi lahko ladja blaga za vas v času.

Upamo, da boste prejeli blago v najkrajšem možnem času.Hvala


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Luizatod 2021-02-05

Well, for me so average, I can not download the photo since I threw this suit, but it seems to me the goods are not appropriate for quality, well, it's difficult for for for for I had to carry it for 30 minutes. Also, you can not use it for about 2 weeks. Since the buyer warns that within two weeks should not be allowed into the suit water penetration, because it will start to peel off. Specifically, I will say stone stripes that are on a suit, gloves and socks I have peeled off when putting on a suit. As for shine as in the photo you will need a special detergent for latex. Goods like and not bad but it is not possible to say exactly. To put it terribly is not convenient because above the body is locked in rubber and stretch to the back of the zipper without the help of another person is simply impossible. As there are no holes for the eyes as to see something it is not clear. But think about taking or not taking.

Mirekgrzech 2020-12-01

Super in 8tagen at me.

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